Land Purchase & Development

Land Purchase and Development Services

Land Purchase & Development

We are constantly looking for land or development opportunity’s including:

  • Single/multiple plots
  • Gardens with planning potential
  • Restoration
  • Conversions
  • Barns
  • Commercial
  • Industrial land

UNCONDITIONAL… Purchase of sites/buildings with funds to the owner at the earliest opportunity.

CONDITIONAL… Purchase of sites/building subject to planning.

JOINT VENTURE… You supply the land we supply the planning/build and we agree a share of the profits based upon land value and build costs.

The initial site appraisal will be paid for by Procter Property, any further fees from architects, planning applications or site investigations will also be paid for by Procter Property once a conditional contract has been exchanged. The pre-completion costs to the owner are therefore minimal.

Procter property has over 30 years experience in developing land and are current with all environmental issues, planning law, etc. We also have a long business association with local specialists and architects. Whatever your need we can help, give advice and assess the potential of your property.

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